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Smart Dry Pump Solutions

  • Large size of LCD interactive touchscreen making the majority of pump data easily be read and simplifying the operation of pump system.
  • Capacity for massive data storage and availability for data analysis.


Precision Mechanism Manufacturing

Stainless Processing/Aluminum Processing/Plastic Working of Metal/Casting Processing/Wire- Cutting Process/Laser Sculpture/Metal finishing


OEM/ODM Manufacturing Service

Sheet & Laser Metal/Welding/Surface treatment


Intelligence Electromechanical System

  • Central Management System: Paralleling SCADA/Data Storage/Web/IOG to Connect the Data Information, integrating upper level of FDC system to further monitor and analyze the production of the entire factory, enable to integrate the systems of SMS/Mail for warning notification remotely.
  • Prognostic and Health Management: Health Indicator-based/ Next Run Failure/ Remaining Useful Life
  • Artificial Intelligence Testing Platform: AITP is a pioneering solution of integration system with powerful functions of visual recognition, massive data analysis, deep learning frameworks, and smart automation. It can be flexibly customized for various applications helping customers to increase efficiency significantly.

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